Everything about Landscope Christie's International Real Estate and the Hong Kong luxury property market

A Remarkable New Bangkok Residence from SC Asset - Exclusive Launch in Hong Kong

Thailand remains a popular choice for overseas property investors and local demand for high-end property is strong - Bangkok provides investors with a gateway to the Thai real estate lifestyle and market. Landscope International Properties Limited has partnered with the Thai developer, SC Asset, to present an opportunity to invest at a luxury level in the Thai capital city.

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Greater London Commercial Investment Opportunity

Greater London continues in its role as one of the world's largest financial and business hubs attracting investment from all corners of the globe. Adding a London commercial asset to an existing property portfolio or as a first investment offers an opportunity to benefit from London's strengths.

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Bangkok CBD Property Exhibition & Seminar

Bangkok remains one of the most popular choices for Hong Kong people buying property abroad and it is hard not to see why Hongkongese appetite for Thai living is still going strong, with the great tropical climate, refreshing food and relaxed pace of life that it has to offer.

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Manchester on the Move

Manchester is at the center of an economic revival in the North of England, which is supporting a property market that continues to strengthen. Manchester was also recently named the most livable city in the United Kingdom and has entered the world’s top 50 livable cities. Manchester can be reached by train from London in under two and half hours and Cathay now offers direct flights from Hong Kong to Manchester.

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Invest in Cambodian Luxury Living

With strong economic momentum and increasing property prices, Cambodia is currently being targeted by knowledgeable overseas property investors in Hong Kong. Cambodia represents one of the fastest growing economies in the world with annual GDP growth rates reaching 7% in recent years. Trade between Cambodia and China is particularly prosperous and the city of Phnom Penh has proven to be an attractive destination for Chinese investors looking to strengthen their ties with South East Asia. Phnom Penh is the political and economic center of Cambodia accounting for the majority of the country’s GDP, and the capital city has witnessed significant real estate investment and property price appreciation over the last few years.

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